SafetyEd Services/Products


SafetyEd can help you

  • understand how accidents happen in the outdoor industry;
  • identify the most common contributers to fatalities;
  • improve your teaching methods and staff trainings;
  • become up-to-date on the current industry standards;
  • improve your medical screening process;
  • investigate serious incidents, and;
  • become better prepared in the event a worst-case scenario becomes reality.
SafetyEd also offers custom courses in risk management, survival, and improving critical thinking.

SafetyEd offers a variety of medical classes, including the following:

  • Wilderness First Responder (80-90 hours)
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid (40-44 hours)
  • Wilderness First Aid (16-24 hours)

SafetyEd also specializes in the following:

  • Using case studies to improve safety education
  • Using mock scenarios to improve crisis response training
  • Winter camping and arctic survival
  • International safety considerations

Lessons Learned II: Using Case Studies and History to Improve Safety Education. 

This 350 page text is on sale for $22.00 plus shipping. To order the book, or to receive a copy of the table of contents, please send a request to (Reduced rates are available for bulk orders.)


(From the Journal of Experiential Education, 2006; reviewed by Robert B. Kauffman, Ph.D.). "The risk management and accident prevention information contained in Lessons Learned II is excellent for the reader who is interested in expanding his or her safety knowledge. The book is informative, contains new information and insights, and is a good compendium of the industry's safety standards. ... It was Ajango's stated hope in the introduction that people in the outdoor industry would share their successes and mistakes and learn from a common past. By using in-depth case studies, she has succeeded in this objective. [Lessons Learned] makes an important contribution to the outdoor industry."

(From the Victoria [Australia] Outdoor Education Association, 2006; reviewed by Jarrod Paine). "[Lessons Learned II] is a real eye opener and definitely has you gripped as raw tragedy pours out from the pages, coupled with the aftermath of those affected both at the family and organizational levels. ... As I was reviewing it, attempting to stay detached from the content in a reviewer's frame of mind, I felt like a person going past a car crash who can't help but glance across at it; you know you shouldn't look, but you can't resist all the same. The basic blow-by-blow nature of this book takes you through in-depth, chronologically precise accounts of serious events as they unfold. ... The overall message of the book is that if you have a weak management plan or staff inexperience coupled with an unfortunate tragedy, you'll wish you had read this book rather than starred in the next edition."