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SafetyEd: Safety Education for Outdoor and Remote Work Environments

32789 Cumulus Road, Eagle River, Alaska 99577 USA

907-696-3490 (office) (business and personal email address)

SafetyEd is owned and operated by Deb Ajango. Ms. Ajango presents nationally on a variety of outdoor safety topics on an ongoing basis, and has spent more than 2500 days in remote areas of the world. In addition to working in various locations around the United States, she has also worked in the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Japan and in east Africa.

Deb Ajango, the director of SafetyEd, has a MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ms. Ajango has spent more than 20 years teaching--in the field as well as in a classroom--to a variety of audiences. While serving as director for the University of Alaska Anchorage's outdoor education department, she earned a variety of awards, served on a university curriculum committee, and was named to the university's task force on curriculum development and assessment. Ms. Ajango has written a variety of papers on safety education, has written and published two books on the topic, and helped edit the most recent version of the Association for Experiential Education's (AEE's) Manual of Accreditation Standards for Adventure Programs. She currently sits on the accreditation council for AEE.

SafetyEd has, on occasion, hired additional consultants and/or partnered with other agencies to complete its projects.